Industry knowledge

Industry knowledge


Master some small skills. Allows you to easily keep the hardware furniture screws in the family.

     Hardware furniture screws account for a small proportion of the cost of the entire decoration pr
Ordinary electromechanical hardware screws are made of low-carbon steel.
Low carbon steel (low carbon steel) is carbon steel with a carbon content of less than 0.25%. Because of its low strength, low
Although the environmental sanitation situation of the special screws for automobiles is not ideal, before the screws ar...
The difference between a combination screw and a stainless steel non-standard screw is that the combination screw is used in combination with other components, such as elastic washers, flat washers, s
1. The purified material generated during washing is quenched and washed with silicate cleaning agent, and then washed and appears on the surface of XX solid materials. The data was analyzed by infrar
A stainless steel screw manufacturer?'s anti-loosening screw provides not only tightening, but also a guarantee of safety! A murder caused by a screw? Let us first look at these examples.

   On Janu
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